Planetwool’s R2.5 Underfloor Insulation: The Gold Standard

For years, Planetwool has set the bar in the insulation industry with our R2.5 Underfloor Insulation. Decades of trust from homeowners and professionals stem from our commitment to innovation and quality.

Unmatched Thermal Benefits: Our R2.5 Underfloor Insulation guarantees optimal indoor warmth and coolness. With its impressive R2.5 rating, it keeps homes cozy during winters and refreshingly cool in summers. Moreover, it shields homes from intrusive wind-draughts and erratic weather.

Sound Comfort Ensured: Beyond heat regulation, our insulation impressively absorbs sound. It reduces noise from both external sources and within the house, making living spaces more peaceful. Plus, its density gives floors a sturdy feel.

Planetwool’s Edge: What makes our R2.5 Underfloor Insulation stand out? Its user-friendly design. Both expert installers and DIY lovers prefer our insulation because it’s easy to handle and results in minimal dust during installation.

Planetwool remains a top choice in the ever-evolving insulation market. We always strive to meet the modern needs of homes and their residents.

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