Home Insulation: The Silent Guardian

Planetwool insulation sample

The significance of insulation in a sustainable home is vast. It acts as the invisible shield that maintains your home’s comfort, irrespective of external weather conditions. By managing indoor temperature, insulation notably reduces energy consumption, becoming a crucial component of green living.

R-Value: Decoding Thermal Resistance

At the heart of insulation lies the R-value. Essentially, this metric indicates a material’s thermal resistance. Put simply, a higher R-value means better heat retention. Especially in areas with significant temperature variations, a high R-value isn’t just a bonus—it’s a must-have.

Planetwool: Pioneering Sustainable Insulation

Planetwool has emerged as a game-changer in the insulation scene. Their dedication to green practices shines through their products. Remarkably, 80% of their fibreglass insulation comes from recycled glass, showcasing both its efficacy and eco-consciousness.

Brown Insulation: Beyond Aesthetics

Planetwool’s insulation is distinctively brown. But this isn’t just for looks. The hue originates from fruit glue, meaning homeowners enjoy a product that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also free from harmful chemicals. eg. formaldehyde.

Planetwool's eco-friendly Insulation batts

Choosing Planetwool: A Win for the Planet

Opting for Planetwool means making a green choice. Besides its thermal advantages, it offers:

  1. Safety: Being chemical-free, it’s harmless for everyone at home.
  2. Longevity: Built to last, it’s a future-proof option.
  3. Green Credibility: With its high recycled content, it’s a beacon of sustainable construction.
  4. Australian Standard: compliance with specific standards like AS 4859.1, AS 1530.1, and AS 1530.3.

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